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Surfaces such as a lawn, sandy beach, gravel or heavy pile carpet are uneven and do not provide a stable support for a drinking vessel

when placed upon it such as a tumbler, wine glass, beer mug, tea cup, baby bottle, etc. 

As a result, due to the instability of the drinking vessel on an uneven surface, the drinking vessel is likely to topple over and any contents will be spilt.

The current solution is to either hold the drinking vessel or place it on a nearby stable surface if one is available.

The BIG COASTY TM provides a temporary stable surface to support a drinking vessel and to avoid toppling.

The BIG COASTY TM is of a size and weight which when placed on the uneven surface will provide a stable surface to support the drinking vessel.

Keep a couple in the garden for use when guests come round.  

Keep a couple in the car for picnics or the beach.

We are able to make custom shapes to order.

Design registered and patent pending

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